The Municipality of Chełmża – a well-managed administrative district of vast economic potential with perspectives for further development, motivated and qualified human resources, and excellent relations with companies
We have an enormous economic potential. Our municipality is the place which evolves and develops to provide our present and future residents with a high standard of living. Apart from the historical monuments, educational and cultural institutions, and sports clubs to be found here, we attract tourists with a charming recreational area in Zalesie at Chełmżyńskie lake. The combination of development possibilities and exclusive natural qualities makes our municipality a place of special character..
We are both open to external investors and willing to support local entrepreneurs using all means available. As the Mayor of the Municipality of Chełmża, I am extremely proud of the achievements and successes we accomplished so far in the cooperation with a number of major investors. Thanks to that I am able to look into the future convinced that our municipality has a chance to become a recognisable place for business in Poland, Europe and even worldwide.
Everyone who is willing to invest their capital effectively, start an activity concerned with production or services or embark on a business adventure of their dreams is encouraged to come to the municipality of Chełmża. Here entrepreneurs are welcome and respected and their hard work appreciated. We have for years focused our efforts on developing our business attractiveness for investors.
I am sure that the benefits and advantages offered by the Municipality of Chełmża will convince you to make your investments here.

Mayor of Municipality of Chełmża
Mr Jacek Czarnecki

Characteristics of the Municipality

The Municipality of Chełmża is situated in the northern part of the district of Toruń, in the centre of the Voivodship of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, about 20 km north of the city of Toruń and about 40 km east of the city of Bydgoszcz.

The Municipality has the area of 179 square kilometres, which is approx. 1% of the area of the voivodship. It is the second largest municipality in the district of Toruń. The settlement structure of the municipality comprises 28 villages populated by nearly 10 000 residents.

Dane statystyczne

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Location and transport accessibility

The Municipality of Chełmża lies in the heart of Europe, in the central part of Poland. It is an ideal place for freight forwarders, logistic operators, and manufacturers.

  • Railway hub in Chełmża
  • A1 motorway junction in Toruń and Lubicz
  • E40 international waterway in Toruń
  • International airport in Bydgoszcz

Ważniejsze drogi i kolej

Lokalizacja i dostępność transportowa w Chełmży

Lokalizacja i dostępność transportowa

Location in the country

  • Highway A1
  • National road no 91
  • Voivodship no 551
  • Railway line

Proximity to large cities

  • Toruń - 15 min
  • Grudziądz - 30 min
  • Bydgoszcz - 50 min
  • Gdańsk - 90 min
  • Łódź - 150 min
  • Poznań - 165 min
  • Warszawa - 180 min

Lokalizacja transportowa

Lokalizacja na terenie kraju

“High opportunity” sectors for investors

  • food sector
  • electro-mobility
  • machinery sector

Space for constructing large-area warehouses, with no height limits, nearly 470 ha in one piece of land.

Business-related institutions and institutions important for investors

As a partner in the world of business, supporting the development of entrepreneurship, the Municipality of Chełmża pursues the goal of starting cooperation with various institutions, economic organizations, business-related bodies, units of local authorities and other entities whose operations support and facilitate the development of Polish economy, improve the standard of business services, promote good business and entrepreneurial practices.

Kujawsko-Pomorskie Investor's Asssistance Centre

Kujawsko-Pomorskie Investor's Asssistance Centre -

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Polish Investment and Trade Agency -

Major Investors

DonauChem – It is a part of DonauChem international group whose origin date back 170 years. Its offices have been located in Głuchów since 2014. The company employs about 20 people. Donauchem Polska Sp. z o.o. is a company specialising in distribution of chemical raw materials and semi-products used in various industrial branches. .
POLWO – is one of the largest manufacturer of clothing hangers in Poland. Apart from clothing hangers, the company produces various tailor’s accessories and provides a range of services related to printing of company logos on hangers. The business operations were started over 20 years ago when in 1995 Mr Wiesław Kalinowski started a production facility specialising in the production of clothing hangers. Since 2016 the offices of the company have been located in Głuchów. They have staff of 25 people.
Gran-Fol – the company was started in 1995 and since 2013 they have operated the business in the town of Kończewice. They manufacture plastic and granulated materials, deal in recycling and recently started 3D printing activities. The company employs 12 people.
POZBUD T&R S.A. – business activities of the company date back to the 70s, exactly to the year 1973. The branch in Grzywno operates production facilities where in 2012 the production of Polish wooden doors and windows was started. Currently they employ about 20 people.
Hydrosystem Sp.zo.o. – The company was started in 1990 in Toruń. Since 1997, it has offered services in the area of regeneration of car steering systems. At the beginning of 2014, the company moved its registered office to Głuchów. Presently they employ 21 people.
PLAN-POL-PLAST BIS – the company was started in 2003 and has operated in our region from the very beginning. It specialises in production and sale of polyethylene foil packaging. Presently they employ 8 people.

Human resources, labour market, education

The potential of human resources across the district of Toruń is vast. There are several institutions of higher education in Toruń, including the prestigious Nicolaus Copernicus University, which provide education in areas such as engineering, mechanics, technology, informatics, and management. Apart from that, secondary schools offer qualifications in professions such as carpenter, fitter, mechanic, electrical mechanic, technical engineer, and logistician. Our municipality is distinguished, among other things, by a growing labour force and consequently offers access to qualified workforce.

There are around 400 small companies operating across the municipality, which provides an excellent subcontracting base. The labour costs in the region of Kujawsko-Pomorskie are among the lowest in Poland.


  • 40 000 students
  • 9 universities
  • A network of vocational schools

Potential of human resources

  • 305 thousand inhabitants of the city of Toruń and Toruń district
  • 1 milion inhabitants of the agglomerations of Bydgoszcz and Toruń
  • 63,2% people at production age
  • 21,5 % pre-working age
  • 4500 unemployed people
  • 12,8% unemployment rate
  • 11,7% people with higher education
  • 29,5% people with vocational education
  • 2,07 rate of natural increase for 1000 inhabitants
  • 38 average age of inhaitants

Potencjał ludzki

Kapitał ludzki


  • A1 motorway and national road 91, provincial roads 551 and 649
  • A high-pressure gas pipeline runs across the Municipality of Chełmża connecting the north and south of Poland
  • High-voltage power line (220 kV)

Institutions important for investors

  1. Investor Assistance Centre in Toruń -
  2. Polish Investment and Trade Agency -
  3. Business Support Centre in Toruń -
  4. National Support Centre for Agriculture -
  5. Pomeranian Special Economic Zone -
  6. District Employment Agency -
  7. Polish Investment Zone -‎
  8. District Administrator's Office -

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