The Municipality of Chełmża – a well-managed administrative district of vast economic potential with perspectives for further development, motivated and qualified human resources, and excellent relations with companies
We have an enormous economic potential. Our municipality is the place which evolves and develops to provide our present and future residents with a high standard of living. Apart from the historical monuments, educational and cultural institutions, and sports clubs to be found here, we attract tourists with a charming recreational area in Zalesie at Chełmżyńskie lake. The combination of development possibilities and exclusive natural qualities makes our municipality a place of special character..
We are both open to external investors and willing to support local entrepreneurs using all means available. As the Mayor of the Municipality of Chełmża, I am extremely proud of the achievements and successes we accomplished so far in the cooperation with a number of major investors. Thanks to that I am able to look into the future convinced that our municipality has a chance to become a recognisable place for business in Poland, Europe and even worldwide.
Everyone who is willing to invest their capital effectively, start an activity concerned with production or services or embark on a business adventure of their dreams is encouraged to come to the municipality of Chełmża. Here entrepreneurs are welcome and respected and their hard work appreciated. We have for years focused our efforts on developing our business attractiveness for investors.
I am sure that the benefits and advantages offered by the Municipality of Chełmża will convince you to make your investments here.

Mayor of Municipality of Chełmża
Mr Jacek Czarnecki

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